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Antigen presentation to T cells

Team Saveanu

Department Nephrology, Immunology and Hematology





Team Leader(s)



Our team aims to understand how the immune system recognizes and eliminates pathogen-infected or cancerous cells. To eliminate these cells, T cells must recognize them through a process that requires specific priming of naive T cells against antigens expressed by a cancerous or pathogen-infected cells. Two immune cell populations are essential in this process: myeloid (antigen-presenting) cells and T lymphocytes.

First, T cells combine antigenic and inflammatory signals through their antigen T cell receptors (TCR) and cytokine receptors. Myeloid cells act at two levels: firstly, by presenting the antigenic peptide-loaded major histocompatibility complex (MHC) on their surface, which activates the TCR; and secondly by producing a plethora of cytokines that activate the cytokine receptors expressed by T lymphocytes. Signaling cascades downstream of TCR and cytokine receptor activation are tightly regulated by myeloid cells. With respect to pathogen-infected cells, T cell recognition is highly dependent on pathogen-host cell interactions.

In this context, our team is investigating:

  1. How are T cells activated by their TCR? This complex situation involves antigen processing and presentation by the antigen presenting cell and TCR signaling on the T cell. In myeloid cells, Loredana Saveanu’s group is investigating how endocytic trafficking controls antigen presentation and innate immune receptors activation. In T lymphocytes, they are studying antigen T cell receptor signaling. Their goal is to improve T cell antigen receptor signaling and the ability of myeloid cells to eliminate cancerous or pathogen-infected cells.
  2. How do myeloid cells regulate T cell activation through cytokine production? These mechanisms are highly dependent on cytokine trafficking in myeloid cells and cytokine receptor signaling in T lymphocytes. Odile Devergne’s group, which joined our team in 2024, is investigating (studying) the molecular mechanisms that regulate the biogenesis and secretion of IL-12 cytokine family members in myeloid cells and aims to study the trafficking and of the IL-12 cytokine family receptors in T cells.
  3. How do pathogen-host cell interactions affect the host immune response? In this field, we aim to understand how the pathogenic bacteria subvert the immune system to survive and how we can modify host-pathogen interactions to develop new ways to fight bacterial infections. Philippe Verbeke and Colette Kanellopoulos-Langevin are studying host-pathogen interactions in bacterial infections with the aim of finding new therapeutic targets to prevent bacterial proliferation and to develop new methods of vaccination against bacteria that represent a public health problem.



Landmark publications

  • Publication date : 01 August 2023 More

    M1-aminopeptidase family – beyond antigen-trimming activities
    Curr Opin Immunol.

    Authors : Evnouchidou Irini Koumantou Despoina Nugue Mathilde Saveanu Loredana

  • Publication date : 09 June 2023 More

    Activating FcγR function depends on endosomal-signaling platforms

    Authors : Benadda Samira Nugue Mathilde Koumantou Despoina Bens Marcelle Mariacristina De Luca Olivier Pellé Monteiro Renato Evnouchidou Irini Saveanu Loredana

  • Publication date : 01 April 2022 More

    The role of endocytic trafficking in antigen T cell receptor activation
    Biomed J.

    Authors : Evnouchidou Irini Caillens Vivien Koumantou Despoina Saveanu Loredana

  • Publication date : 20 October 2020 More

    The Role of Insulin Regulated Aminopeptidase in Endocytic Trafficking and Receptor Signaling in Immune Cells
    Front Mol Biosci.

    Authors : Delphyne Descamps Evnouchidou Irini Caillens Vivien Carole Drajac Sabine Riffault Peter van Endert Saveanu Loredana

  • Publication date : 02 June 2020 More

    IRAP-dependent endosomal T cell receptor signalling is essential for T cell responses
    Nat Commun.

    Authors : Evnouchidou Irini Pascal Chappert Benadda Samira Andres Zucchetti Mirjana Weimershaus Bens Marcelle Caillens Vivien Koumantou Despoina Lotersztajn Sophie Peter van Endert Jean Davoust Guermonprez Pierre Claire Hivroz David A Gross Saveanu Loredana

  • Publication date : 02 September 2019 More

    Is there a place and role for endocytic TCR signaling?
    Immunol Rev.

    Authors : Saveanu Loredana Zucchetti AE Evnouchidou Irini Ardouin L Hivroz C

  • Publication date : 20 March 2017 More

    IRAP+ endosomes restrict TLR9 activation and signaling
    Nat Immunol.

    Authors : Babdor J Descamps D Adiko AC Tohmé M Maschalidi S Evnouchidou Irini Vasconcellos LR De Luca M Mauvais FX Garfa-Traore M Brinkmann MM Chignard M Manoury B Saveanu Loredana


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Les dernières publications marquantes

  • Publication date : 09 April 2024 More

    Prognosis algorithms for acute decompensation of cirrhosis and ACLF
    Liver Int.

    Authors : Valainathan Shantha Qing Xie Vicente Arroyo Rautou Pierre-Emmanuel

  • Publication date : 01 March 2024 More

    Hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is associated with heterogeneous pattern of fat infiltration in skeletal muscles
    Eur Radiol.

    Authors : Maxime Nachit Dioguardi Burgio Marco Abyzov Anton Garteiser Philippe Paradis Valérie Vilgrain Valérie Isabelle Leclercq Van Beers Bernard

  • Publication date : 27 February 2024 More

    Predictive Role of Hepatic Venous Pressure Gradient in Bleeding Events Among Cirrhotic Patients Undergoing Orthotopic Liver Transplantation
    JHEP Rep.

    Authors : Mikhael Giabicani Pauline Joly Stéphanie Sigaut Clara Timsit Pauline Devauchelle Fédérica Dondero Durand François Pierre Antoine Froissant Myriam Lamamri Payancé Audrey Aymeric Restoux Olivier Roux Tristan Thibault-Sogorb Shantha Ram Valainathan Lesurtel Mickaël Rautou Pierre-Emmanuel Weiss Emmanuel