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  • N Charles’ work published in Frontiers in Immunology opens towards a new therapeutic approach in systemic lupus erytomatosus:

    inhibiting Prostaglandin D2 receptors 1 and 2

  • What interest of anticoagulants in the prevention of complications of cirrhosis?

    Professor PE Rautou interviews those responsible for the European and American directives

  • Team El-Benna identified a novel function of p67phox by investigating the phosphorylation of p47phox of neutrophils from p67phox-/- chronic granulomatous disease patients*

  • Protein kinase CK2 controls NOX1 activity and attenuates colon inflammation

  • Ulrich Blank has served as a co-editor of an issue published in Curr Opin Immunol on IgE-dependent and independent allergies and hypersensitivities.

  • All you want to know about vascular disorders of the liver in 22 chapters by international experts in the field, edited in particular by D Valla and PE Rautou, who else?

  • The “VHEP” team, led by T. Asselah, publishes a review in the American Journal of Gastroenterology on the extrahepatic manifestations of chronic hepatitis B.


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    Le 01 June 2022

    Intégrité Scientifique

    Speaker : Ghislaine Filatreau

    Inserm   Hello, The various calendars of events are currently experiencing a malfunction. This impacts calendars, but also links, images and forms. A solution is currently in progress. Thank […]


Inflammation Research Center


Le Centre de Recherche sur l’inflammation c’est plus de 250 chercheurs, médecins, ingénieurs et technicien qui collaborent pour comprendre les mécanismes communs des maladies inflammatoires et qui veillent en permanence à trouver le bon équilibre entre la recherche fondamentale et la recherche clinique afin de garder une approche qui va de la paillasse au chevet du patient.


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The latest notable publications

  • Publication date : 01 March 2022 More

    Givosiran in acute intermittent porphyria: A personalized medicine approach Mol Genet Metab.

    Autors : Antoine Poli Martin-Schmitt Caroline Moulouel Boualem Mirmiran Arienne Talbi Neila Sophie Rivière Diane Cerutti Isabelle Bouchoule Anthony Faivre Vincent Grobost Claire Douillard Francis Duchêne Valeria Fiorentino Dupré Thierry Manceau Hana Peoch'h Katell Puy Hervé Lefebvre Thibaud Gouya Laurent

  • Publication date : 02 February 2022 More

    Impaired p47phox phosphorylation in neutrophils from p67phox-deficient chronic granulomatous disease patients Blood.

    Autors : Sahra Amel Belambri Viviana Marzailoli Hurtado-Nedelec Maria Margarita Pintard Coralie Shiyu Liang Yezhou Liu Tarek Boussetta Gougerot-Pocidalo Marie-Anne Richard D Ye Dang Pham My-Chan El Benna Jamel

  • Publication date : 01 February 2022 More

    Soluble CD89 is a critical factor for mesangial proliferation in childhood IgA nephropathy Kidney Int.

    Autors : Cambier Alexandra Patrick J Gleeson Lilia Abbad Fanny Canesi Da silva Jennifer Bex-Coudrat Julie Deschenes Georges Olivia Boyer Marion Rabant Tim Ulinski Julien Hogan Michel Peuchmaur Laureline Berthelot Monteiro Renato