Insights into cancer: from inflammation to Tumor


InsiTu is one of the 8 SiRIC (Site for Integrated Research on Cancer) funded in 2023 for 5 years. It is based on 2 research centers : The Centre de Recherche sur l’Inflammation (CRI) and the  Institut de Recherche Saint-Louis (IRSL), in collaboratiion with AP-HP.Nord Hospital  (Beaujon/Bichat and Saint-Louis and the Cancer AP-HP.Nord – Université Paris Cité Institute).
Its main aims are  to Prevent, Intercept, Cure ! Identify patients at risk, Prevent the development of cancer, Dévelop innovative therapies

Numerous members of the CRI are involved : V. Paradis, S. Lotersztajn, H. Gilgenkrantz, R. Sinkus, E. Viennois, A. Couvineau, J. Cros, C. Haumaitre, P. Garteiser, B. Van Beers, R. Nicolle, L. Saveanu, B. Crestani.

Congrats for the dynamics driven by the teams and especially to V Paradis who inspired the idea!


Find more information on : SIRIC InsiTu