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Les mercredis Bichat-beaujon

Intervenant : Loïc Rolas

2 octobre 2019

« Impact of neutrophil-venular wall interactions
in experimental models of inflammation »


Loïc Rolas

« Ageing is the primary risk factor for inflammatory disorders and whilst ageing-associated changes in immune cell functions have been extensively studied, very little is known regarding age-associated changes in neutrophil-vessel wall interactions during inflammation. Using cutting-edge imaging platforms (CMR advance bio-imaging affinity) and novel neutrophil-specific mouse models, my aim is to address this issue, hypothesising that ageing, in particular vascular ageing, supports disrupted neutrophil trafficking.

Collectively, I identify novel neutrophil behaviours and exaggerated generation of pro-inflammatory mediators in inflamed aged vasculatures. The work generated offers potential mechanisms that could be targeted for suppressing ageing-associated aberrant neutrophil trafficking and tissue damage”

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Date :
2 octobre 2019
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