CRI‘s research themes reflect the vast field of inflammation.

Teams revolve around vast research topics including: inflammation of various organs (kidneys, intestines, liver); regulation of antigen presentation; the role of mast cells and basophils in autoimmune and sterile inflammation; or the contribution of phagocytes and NADPH oxidases and heme iron to inflammatory disease.

The interface between inflammation and cancer of the liver and pancreas; viral hepatitis ; bowel response to surgery; or the use of imaging methods to detect and quantify the severity of inflammation and fibrosis as well as cancer complement the wide range of topics addressed by CRI research teams

The excellence of the Center’s publications, the numerous grants obtained and the number of patents and licenses submitted attest to the high quality of the research conducted by all the IRC teams.

“The Center’s teams have distinct research interests, but also undertake cross-sectional comparative analyzes that range from laboratory to patient beds and cover several disciplines and themes (inflammation, imaging, immunity, metabolism, experimental models, human disease, etc.). .)

…. this feature makes the Center bigger than the sum of the individual teams ….. “

from HCERES 2019 National Assessment Report from CRI