Representatives of doctoral students play a crucial role by acting as spokespersons and advocates for the interests of doctoral students within center councils. Their main mission is to represent the expectations, needs, and perspectives of doctoral students during discussions and decision-making processes within these bodies. As mediators between doctoral students and the administration, they ensure that the voices of doctoral students are heard and taken into account.

Simultaneously, representatives of doctoral students are responsible for conveying important information to the doctoral students within the center, whether it pertains to administrative changes, funding opportunities, available resources, or other relevant information for doctoral life. In doing so, they contribute to strengthening communication and transparency within the research center.

In addition to their roles in representation and communication, representatives of doctoral students engage in organizing events such as the Young Researchers’ Days (J²C) aimed at fostering cohesion among doctoral students themselves and with researchers. These events may include seminars, workshops, informal meetings, or other social activities. By creating a conducive space for interactions among doctoral students, representatives contribute to building a collaborative and supportive environment, essential for the well-being and success of each individual throughout their doctoral journey. In summary, the role of representatives of doctoral students is multifaceted, combining institutional representation, proactive communication, and the promotion of a sense of belonging within the doctoral community.

Membres des représentants des doctorants