The Ile-De-France Region

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“Innovator Award 2021”

Deadline: May 31, 2021

The Ile-De-France Region is once again renewing its call for applications for the Innovators’ Prize.

Through this call for projects, the Ile de France Region wishes to honor and encourage researchers and clinicians, and in particular the youngest, to engage in the development and the transfer of the results of their research, the medical and societal impact of which is remarkable.

This approach aimed at honoring a researcher and his team is one of the strong measures adopted within the framework of the “Health sector consultation” initiated in 2019 by the Region with all the players aimed at supporting the scientific and technological competitiveness of the region and strengthening the transfer and promotion of skills and research results to the economic world.

All scientific and technological fields in health (medicine, medtech, biotech, digital, biotherapies, etc.) will be considered.

Interested candidates should contact of the Engineering and Project Management Department in Health, no later than April 30, in order to obtain the required letter of support as part of the filing.


Who can apply? 

– This call is open to researchers and research engineers under 45 years of age carrying out their work on the Island -de-France.

What are the funding terms?

– With this call the Region will reward 3 candidates .

– The following will be awarded: one prize of € 50,000 (including € 10,000 paid directly to the Prize holder) and two prizes of € 25,000 (including € 5,000 paid directly to the holder of the Price).

– The funds can be used for 3 years.

Procedure to be followed by University of Paris candidates

– All candidates must contact the Engineering and Health Project Management Department of LA DGDRIVE no later than April 30,

The candidates will be put in contact with the Innovation and Premature Team, so that the presentation of the innovation is analyzed, with a view to the obtaining the letter of support from the University signed by the Vice-President Valorisation.

Folder composition: 

– An online form and the deposit of the elements of the file on the site “mesdémarches”,

– An Innovation presentation document (2 pages – see attached template),

– A 3-year fund usage project (see attached template),

A letter of support: delivered only after analysis of the application by the Innovation and Premature Team of DGDRIVE . The candidate will be put in contact with the team as soon as he has come forward to the Engineering and Health Project Management Department.

Submission terms: 

– The application is submitted on the platform ” mesdémarches “ from the Ile de France Region

– Deadline: May 31, 2021 – Analysis of applications in June 2021 – Prize giving in September 2021


The text of the call for projects is available on the IDF Region website

The Engineering and Project Management Department dedicated to the Faculty of Health

Is available for any questions regarding this call.

Do not hesitate to contact us by following this link.