WIS : Women in Science

December 15, 2023

About WIS:

Workshop Women in Science (WIS) aims to provide a platform for women scientists, researchers and professionals to connect, share ideas and inspire each other. Recognizing the central role of women in shaping the future of science, WIS is designed to facilitate meaningful discussions, promote networking and provide mentoring opportunities.

Highlights :

1. Inspiring conferences: Attend talks by influential female speakers who have broken glass ceilings in their respective fields. Learn from their experiences, challenges and triumphs as they share their journey in the world of science.

2. Interactive Workshops: Take part in hands-on workshops covering a range of scientific disciplines. From cutting-edge research methodologies to career development strategies, these sessions are designed to build skills and knowledge.

3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded women in science, establish valuable professional relationships and explore collaborative projects. Networking sessions are structured to encourage dialogue and the exchange of ideas.

4. Round Tables: Participate in in-depth discussions on current issues within the scientific community, with a focus on promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Why WIS is Important:

Workshop Women in Science (WIS) isn’t just about breaking down barriers; it’s about building bridges. By providing a supportive environment for women in science, WIS aspires to contribute to a more inclusive and dynamic scientific landscape.

This year’s participants included Valérie Paradis and a PhD student from her team, Lina Aguillera Munoz.

The CRI is proud to see its researchers and PhD students taking part in this second edition of WIS!