The Ussing chambers, coupled to a voltage clamp allow to measure ex-vivo the electrical characteristics of an epithelium and thus to measure the activity of the electrogenic transporters or parameters reflecting the permeability.

The technical platform offers technical training for mounting the tissues in Chambers, and help for defining experimental design to answer specific questions and analyzing the results with appropriate softwares.


  1. Measurement of electrogenic transporter activity
  2. Measurement of parameters reflecting permeability (barrier function of an epithelium)
    • Measurement of transepithelial conductance (or resistance)
    • Transfer of tracer molecules (FITC dextran-4Kd, FSA, HRP…)
  3. Measurement of molecule transfer
    • Xenobiotics
    • Drugs

Murine or human tissues studied:

  • Intestinal, pulmonary, renal epithélium…
  • Human biopsies
  • Monolayer cells cultured in transwell (Caco-2, HT-29, MDCK…)


  • 3 Voltage clamp (DVC 1000 – World Precision Instruments)
  • LabChart 8 acquisition and analysis software (ADInstruments)
  • 6 Ussing chambers (Physiologic Instruments)

Scientific manager

Technical manager