The CRI is looking for an Engineer in biological experimentation and instrumentation (M/F) whose mission will be to manage the IMA’CRI imaging platform. Experience and specialty in photonic imaging and biology is then necessary. You can apply via the link below:

Ingénieur-e en expérimentation et instrumentation biologiques H/F


CRI’s cellular and tissue imaging platform provides research teams with a variety of state-of-the-art equipment and techniques in microscopy. Its main objective is to provide research groups inside and outside the center with different complementary imaging approaches to study at different scales organelles, cells and tissues in normal and pathological states.

Fluorescence optical microscopy imaging has become an essential method for research in biology and especially in the field of medical research. Recent advances in technology have led to the development of faster, higher resolution microscopes for collecting three-dimensional images of a living biological sample.

The imaging platform aims to bring cutting-edge technologies and optical microscopy expertise to the center’s teams and external teams.

The equipment is equipped with a suitable incubator, thus keeping the organisms in physiological conditions by controlling the temperature, the percentage of CO2.

All users can benefit, if necessary, from theoretical and practical training in the use of photonic microscopes (wide field, TIRFM, confocal, multi-photon). The aim is to transmit technical knowledge to users so that they are independent for the use of the devices.

The engineer also helps with the analysis of results and images.

The platform provides technical maintenance and technological watch which aims to ensure the daily operation of the devices, to plan the use of microscopes and to adapt the equipment to different experiments.

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