The biochemistry platform, equipped with an Beckman Coulter AU 480 multiparameter, performs biochemical assays on small volumes of substrate. It is open to all research teams working on murine models:

  • Classical plasma and urine tests (urea, creatinine, ions, glucose, proteins …)
  • Specific assessments (lipid, hepatic, phosphocalcic, martial, inflammatory, oxidative …)

Scientific coordination: Hana Manceau
Dosage and contact manager: Nicolas Sorhaindo

Receipt of samples from 8h15 to 15h from Monday to Friday at the Laboratory of Biochemistry
Rooms 201-202 – 2nd floor – elevator A


Prices 2023 :

  • Inserm Prince : 2,65€ excluding tax.
  • Academic rates excluding INSERM and off-sites : 9.11€ excluding VAT
  • Private pricing: 18.00€ excluding tax.

(These prices replace those in the documents below)


Below, access conditions and application form, biochemical procedures, dosing information:



Person in charge