The FHU Mosaic (Multiscale Optimized Strategy for Artificial intelligence-based Imaging biomarkers in digestive Cancer) is a transdisciplinary federation involving a collaborative network of clinical teams, research and industry. It involves 4 teams at Inserm level, including 3 from UMRS 1149 CRI: Team INDiD (V. Paradis), Team LBI (B. Van Beers) and Team GeNeHetX (R. Nicolle).

Mosaic aims to identify prognostic and theranostic biomarkers of digestive tumors (hepatocellular carcinomas and digestive neuro-endocrine tumors) by developing an approach multi-parametric multi-scale imaging, combining radiology (macroscopy), pathology (microscopy and molecular) and nuclear medicine (functional): IMAGOMICS. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods, this project combines the multiple facets of tumor imaging to improve tumor characterization and disease monitoring. Thus, Mosaic participates in the development of non-invasive diagnostic, prognostic and theranostic modalities through virtual biopsy. Mosaic can be contacted through its project manager K. Mondet using the contact form available on the website.

https://fhu-mosaic .com/