The FHU Mosaic (Multiscale Optimized Strategy for Artificial intelligence-based Imaging biomarkers in digestive Cancer) is a transdisciplinary federation involving a collaborative network of clinical teams, research and industry. It involves 4 teams at Inserm level, including 3 from UMRS 1149 CRI: Team INDiD (V. Paradis), Team LBI (B. Van Beers) and Team GeNeHetX (R. Nicolle).

    Mosaic aims to identify prognostic and theranostic biomarkers of digestive tumors (hepatocellular carcinomas and digestive neuro-endocrine tumors) by developing an approach multi-parametric multi-scale imaging, combining radiology (macroscopy), pathology (microscopy and molecular) and nuclear medicine (functional): IMAGOMICS. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods, this project combines the multiple facets of tumor imaging to improve tumor characterization and disease monitoring. Thus, Mosaic participates in the development of non-invasive diagnostic, prognostic and theranostic modalities through virtual biopsy. Mosaic can be contacted through its project manager K. Mondet using the contact form available on the website.

    https://fhu-mosaic .com/

  • FHU PaCeMM

    FHU PaCeMM, Paris Center for Microbiome Medicine

    PaCeMM brings together intestinal microbiota experts in fundamental research, translational research and clinical research with the aim of translating this science of the microbiota into new innovative tools.

    The dynamic of the network – due to its strong and synergistic interactions – is to intensify promising results via the implementation and management of projects ambitious, competitive, collaborative.

    Three medical areas are represented: gastro-hepatology, oncology and hematology and cardio-metabolism and inflammation.

    The strength of PaCeMM is the association of several AP-HP medical – biological – pharmaceutical departments with recognized institutions such as INSERM, INRAE and CEA and university laboratories and research units as well as expert teams in statistical, mathematical and intelligence modeling artificial (LPSM, SCAI, UMMISCO, Télécome SudParis) and the clinical research platform of Eastern Paris.

    PaCeMM brings together 55 university hospital teams and research organizations – in Ile-de-France – all particularly involved in research on the intestinal microbiota.