Hello everyone,

The French Society of Immunology, with the support of Labex, will award a “Thesis Prize” during its annual congress to be held on December 7-9, 2021 in Paris .

This prize, in the amount of € 1,000, will reward excellent thesis work in the fields of fundamental, experimental or clinical immunology, carried out in a French laboratory .

The defense must have taken place during the year 2020.

The candidate and the thesis supervisor must be up to date with their contributions.

The application file must be composed:

  • of the thesis
  • a summary of the thesis work
  • of the thesis article (s)
  • of the jury members’ report (minutes)

The award winner will present a short summary of their work at the award ceremony at the IFC Congress.

The dossier is to be deposited on the site IFC before 25 October 2021