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Jean Pierre Hugot et Eric Ogier Denis

Intestinal inflammation (GMI)

Team Ogier-Denis / Hugot

Department Hepato-Gastroenterology Department







Intestinal inflammation

The team “intestinal inflammation” works exclusively on inflammatory bowel disease (IBD): Crohn’s Disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC). The research is deliberately multidisciplinary with a multi-scale approach from the molecular level to patients. This is a translational research strongly associated with the gastroenterology units of Beaujon and Robert Debré hospitals. Projects aim to identify the genetic and environmental risk factors involved in these diseases and to define their interactions. The team developed original animal models to better understand the pathophysiology of IBD in particular the importance of abnormalities of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and epigenetic factors (microRNAs, methylation, and acetylation) in UC and the innate immune response and function of the complex molecular “Nodosome” around Nod2 in CD. Finally, the team aim to develop new preventive and curative therapeutic approaches for IBD.


Landmark publications

  • Publication date : 06 October 2020 More

    Dietary Emulsifiers Directly Impact AdherentInvasive E. coli Gene Expression to Drive Chronic Intestinal Inflammation Cell Reports

    Autors : Viennois Emilie Alexis Bretin Philip E. Dube Alexander C. Maue Charle` ne J.G. Dauriat Nicolas Barnich Andrew T. Gewirtz Benoit Chassaing

  • Publication date : 19 June 2020 More

    Nod2 Protects the Gut From Experimental Colitis Spreading to Small Intestine J Crohns Colitis

    Autors : Al Nabhani Z Berrebi D Martinez-Vinson C Montcuquet N Madre C Roy Maryline Ogier-Denis Eric Dussaillant M Cerf-Bensussan N Zouali H Daniel F Barreau F Hugot Jean-Pierre

  • Publication date : 10 April 2020 More

    Immune-checkpoint inhibitor anti-PD1 aggravates colitis-associated colorectal cancer without enhancing intestinal inflammation Integrative Cancer Science and Therapeutics

    Autors : Collard Maxime Guedj Nathalie Tourneur-Marsille Julien ALBUQUERQUE Miguel Maggiori Leon Hammel Pascal Treton Xavier Panis Yves Ogier-Denis Eric

  • Publication date : 01 October 2019 More

    Is Crohn’s Disease the Price to Pay Today for Having Survived the Black Death? Journal of Crohn's and Colitis, Volume 13, Issue 10, October 2019, Pages 1318–1322

    Autors : Dumay Anne Gergaud Olivier Roy Maryline Hugot Jean-Pierre

  • Publication date : 17 July 2019 More

    Comparative performances of machine learning methods for classifying Crohn Disease patients using genome-wide genotyping data. Sci Rep. 2019 Jul 17;9(1):10351

    Autors : Romagnoni Alberto Jégou S Van Steen K Wainrib G Hugot Jean-Pierre International Inflammatory Bowel Disease Genetics Consortium (IIBDGC)

  • Publication date : 30 April 2019 More

    Control of anterior GRadient 2 (AGR2) dimerization links endoplasmic reticulum proteostasis to inflammation EMBO Mol Med (2019) 11: e10120

    Autors : Maurel M Obacz J Avril T Ding YP Papadodima O Treton Xavier Daniel F Pilalis E Hörberg J Hou W Beauchamp MC Tourneur-Marsille Julien Cazals-Hatem Dominique Sommerova L Samali A Tavernier J Hrstka R Dupont A Fessart D Delom F Fernandez-Zapico ME Jansen G Eriksson LA Thomas DY Jerome-Majewska L Hupp T Chatziioannou A Chevet E Ogier-Denis Eric

  • Publication date : 08 May 2012 More

    Yersinia pseudotuberculosis disrupts intestinal barrier integrity through hematopoietic TLR-2 signaling J Clin Invest. 2012; 122: 2239-51

    Autors : Jung C Meinzer Ulrich Montcuquet N Thachil E Château D Thiébaut R Roy Maryline Alnabhani Z Berrebi D Dussaillant M Pedruzzi E Thenet S Cerf-Bensussan N Hugot Jean-Pierre Barreau F

  • Publication date : 01 May 2012 More

    Abnormal Activation of Autophagy-Induced Crinophagy in Paneth Cells from Patients with Crohn’s Disease Short title: Crinophagy in Crohn’s disease Gastroenterology.

    Autors : Thachil E Hugot Jean-Pierre Arbeille B Paris R Grodet A Peuchmaur M Codogno P Barreau F Ogier-Denis Eric Berrebi D Viala Jérome

  • Publication date : 05 May 2011 More

    Altered endoplasmic reticulum stress affects translation in inactive colon tissue from patients with ulcerative colitis Gastroenterology.2011 Sep;141(3):1024-35

    Autors : Treton Xavier Pédruzzi E Cazals-Hatem Dominique Grodet A Panis Yves Groyer A Moreau Richard Bouhnik Yoram Daniel F Ogier-Denis Eric

  • Publication date : 13 December 2003 More

    Crohn Disease : the cold chain hypothesis Lancet

    Autors : Hugot Jean-Pierre Alberti C Berrebi D Bingen E Cézard JP

  • Publication date : 31 May 2001 More

    Association of Nod-2 leucine-rich repeat variants with susceptibility to Crohn’s disease Nature 2001; 411 : 599-603

    Autors : Hugot Jean-Pierre Chamaillard M Zouali H Lesage S Cézard JP Belaiche J Almer S Tysk C O'Morain CA Gassull M Binder V Finkel Y Cortot A Modigliani R Laurent-Puig P Gower-Rousseau C Macry J Colombel JF Sahbatou M Thomas G


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The latest notable publications

  • Publication date : 01 July 2021 More

    Acute-on-chronic liver failure: A distinct clinical syndrome J Hepatol .

    Autors : Moreau Richard Bin Gao Maria Papp Rafael Bañares Patrick S Kamath

  • Publication date : 02 June 2021 More

    Role of extracellular vesicles in liver diseases and their therapeutic potential Adv Drug Deliv Rev .

    Autors : Enis Kostallari Shantha Valainathan Biquard Louise Vijay H Shah Rautou Pierre-Emmanuel

  • Publication date : 11 March 2021 More

    Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Arising in Young and Old Patients Displays Similar Molecular Features Cancers (Basel) .

    Autors : Raffenne Jérome Fernando A Martin Rémy Nicolle Marina Konta Yuna Blum Jérôme Torrisani Francesco Puleo Jean Baptiste Bachet Magali Svrcek Armel Bardier-Dupas Jean Francois Emile Peter Demetter Miroslav Radman Jean Luc Van Laethem Hammel Pascal Rebours Vinciane Paradis Valérie Couvelard Anne Cros Jérome