On January 23, 2024, the election of the new ITA/BIATTS representatives for the next 2 years took place.

Their mission will be to represent and convey the requests of the ITA/BIATTS of the CRI to management during center council meetings.

List of candidates:

First name/Last name


Pascale Toprieux

Université de Paris Cité
Administrative / Holder
Victoria Priori Inserm / CDD
Marion Tanguy Université de Paris Cité / Titulaire
Sandrive Olivre Université de Paris Cité / Titulaire
Valerie Gratio Inserm / Holder
Julien Tourneur-Marsille Inserm / Holder
Coralie Pintard Université de Paris Cité / Titulaire
Jennifer Da Silva Inserm / Holder
Samira Louirem Inserm / Holder


The elected candidates are:

From left to right : Jennifer Da SilvaJulien Tourneur-Marsille, Valérie Gratio, Victoria Priori, Pascale Toprieux, Marion Tanguy