The Nephrology Department, Immunology and Hematology (NIH) comprises seven teams two of which are young investigator groups (ATIP /Avenir teams). Our research concerns the study of inflammatory mechanisms involved in kidney diseases, inflammatory diseases with immune (lupus, arthritis, infections, GVHD) or hematologic involvement (heme and iron). Several key areas are developed and concern

  1. the study of the factors and mechanisms involved in the initial injury,
  2. the biological processes contributing to the regeneration and tissue repair,
  3. the responsible mechanisms in the progression of the disease,
  4. the evaluation of therapeutic approaches including collaboration with start-up companies (Inatherys, ).

We are studying the cellular and molecular mechanisms (genetic factors, receptors and signaling etc), the cellular players (tissue and immune cells) with a particular focus on those of the innate immune response and the role inflammatory mediators and humoral factors play in these processes.

Our research teams are actively involved in several national and international research networks (EMBRN,; IIGANN,; EPNET, and are part of different investment programs for the future (Inflamex,; GR-Ex, as well as national academic health centers (DHUFIRE, ).