The HGE test department brings together 140 people within 7 teams covering the entire field of Hepatology, Gastroenterology and Pancreatology.

Our general objectives are to study the impact of environmental factors (nutrition, alcohol, tobacco, viruses, drugs …) on the progression of chronic diseases of the liver (INVolVED, INDiD, Atip-Avenir, VHEP) , gastrointestinal tract and pancreas (PIMS, GMI, INDiD) using molecular, cellular and imaging approaches (LBI) and combining animal and cellular models as well as cohorts of patients.

We aim at better understanding the mechanisms involved, including deregulation of inflammatory mechanisms, as well as to validate new imaging biomarkers.

The close interaction between HGE Department team members and clinicians of the Paris Nord Val de Seine University Hospitals (HUPNVS) responsible for reference centers for rare digestive diseases and / or members of labeled networks, allows the development of strong translational research.

Teams of the Department:

  • Are founding members of the University Hospital Department (DHU) Unity (adressing Unmet Needs through Innovation in hepaTology and gastroenterologY)
  • Participate investment programs for the future Labex Inflamex, Hospital-University Research in Health (RHU) Quid-NASH and various European and international programs.

The INVolVED team is a founding member of an International Associated Laboratory (LIA) and since March 2018 the Department has been twinned with the Institute of Liver & Biliary Sciences, New Delhi, India.

The HGE department is involved in a Master 2 program at the Paris 7 Diderot and Paris 5 Descartes Universities, on digestive physiology pathophysiology and the teams propose practical internships for the students.

Research groups

INVolVED, Inflammatory and stress responses in chronic liver diseases
Leader : Sophie Lotersztajn

INDiD, From inflammation to cancer in digestive diseases
Leaders : Valérie Paradis & Alain Couvineau

Atip-Avenir, Role of vessels in liver diseases
Leader  : Pierre-Emmanuel Rautou

VHEP, Physiopathology and treatment of viral hepatitis
Leader : Tarik Asselah

PIMS, Plasticity of gastro-intestinal mucosa in nutritional pathologies and after surgery
Leaders : Maude Le Gall & André Bado

GMI, Intestinal inflammationJean-
Leaders : Pierre Hugot & Eric Ogier-Denis

LBI, Novel imaging biomarkers for inflammation, fibrosis and cancer
Leader : Bernard Van Beers

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