Review of the 2022 session:

Thank you to our researchers, engineers, doctoral and post-doctoral students (Maude Le Gall, Asma Boumaza, Charles Caër, Valérie Gratio, Maryline Roy, Anne Dumay, Samira Laouirem, Amélie Vaugrente and other members) of the CRI who have participated in the presentation of research professions in collaboration with Declics.
Thank you to the students and teachers of Lycée Jacques Decour (Paris 9th), Lycée Paul Robert (in Lilas) and Lycée Paul Eluard (in Saint Denis) for their welcome.


PhD students, post-docs, M2, technicians, engineers, responsible for research, lecturers, laboratory directors, platform staff, etc.

Students want to meet you: become Ambassador Declic and spread the word!

You don’t have to prepare anything, but you must block half a day in your schedule to participate at a speed-meeting (1h30 of mandatory presence + 1h30 of optional presence).

To register, it’s here

Why? (A few reasons, but to each their own!):

  • to make future citizens better understand the importance and mechanisms of fundamental research
  • to help these young people orient themselves by discovering jobs
  • to create linkwith teaching teams
  • to develop critical thinking and explain the knowledge validation process
  • to share your passion
  • restore trust in science and scientists

Where, When:

Plenty of time slots are available to you in most major cities in France and remotely, details on our site


This is a three-part exchange on which you will find more information online here.

You can participate in a speed-meeting an hour and a half. Students will be divided into groups of no more than five. You will join a group and discuss your research together (your subject, your profession, your daily life, the peer-review… whatever you want!). Every 12 minutes a bell will ring and you will change groups of students.

Many numeric events on the same format are also offered this year!

You don’t have to prepare anything, just to be present! In concrete terms, you start the discussion by briefly introducing yourself (who you are, what you do) and the conversation begins. Please note, this is not a 12-minute mini-conference, but a discussion!


To participate you must fill out this form.

At your request, a certificate of participation can be given to you following the meeting Clicks. It will also be possible to promote your participation with your guardianship.

Any questions feel free to write to the team: contact@declics. info