Gradual resumption of activity at the University of Paris

For agents working at CRI, specific measures are implemented for resuming activity

You can find this information by following the link below (reserved for the intranet)

Intra-CRI information

It has already been several weeks since the health alert was triggered in France. In the middle of the confinement, the IRC teams provided support to Research and in particular to Bichat Hospital through the provision of personnel, equipment and materials.

Continuity of Research activities and in particular active collaboration with teams outside the CRI on Codiv19 is ensured.

Thanks to everyone’s commitment and responsibility, both during confinement and during deconfinement, the COVID-19 health crisis that has affected France since March 2020 is marking time.

Vigilance remains necessary and the State stands more than ever alongside the French, who have been weakened by the crisis.

The Ministry of Solidarity and Health updates its recommendations regularly to protect your health and recommend the right actions to take when facing the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

Find all the information on the government website.

Reminder of general health instructions

  • Wash your hands regularly (every 2 hours)
  • Cough and sneeze in his elbow
  • Use single-use tissues
  • No more shaking hands or hugging
  • Call 15 if you have respiratory symptoms
  • Stay at home and isolate yourself from loved ones if you are sick
  • Do not wear a mask if you are not sick

A toll-free number answers your questions about the Coronavirus COVID-19 permanently, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week:

tel: 08 00 13 00 00

As part of the sanitary measures linked to the spread of Covid-19, new measures are in place and subject to rapid change.


Instructions in case of symptoms

In case of signs of respiratory infection (fever or feeling of fever, cough, breathing difficulties):

  • Contact the Samu Center 15 reporting your symptoms;
  • Avoid contact with those around you;
  • Do not go to your doctor or to the emergency room, to avoid any possible contamination.
  • Limit travel to what is strictly necessary.

For more information on COVID-19, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Bichat, Dr. Philippe Ruszniewski and the infectiologist Dr. Xavier Lescure of Bichat hospital published a detailed video on the Coronavirus: