The CECED office met recently to define the organization of CECED in 2021, it was decided by majority that CECED will be postponed to 2021 and will take place within the framework of JFHOD next year as we have proposed the SNFGE. Of course, the local CECED 2020 organizing committee has been extended to organize the next CECED. The organizers of the next 2 events agree to postpone the organization of CECED2022 (Lyon) and CECED2023 (Strasbourg) by one year. In addition, a certain number of members of the office were to be renewed this year, for the exceptional reasons which made us cancel the CECED this year, we decided to extend their mandate until the next CECED.

Despite this cancellation, CECED awarded the C. Rozé 2020 prize to Aurélie Dobric.

Here are some practical dates to remember:

The CECED / JFHOD will take place from March 18 to 19, 2021 (the JFHOD will take place from March 18 to 21).

The opening of tenders will take place around August 26 and will close on September 26, 2020 (date to be confirmed).

The CECED evening which was planned this year will be postponed until next year.

Finally, regarding contributions and participation in the next CECED, we offer two possible choices, either to postpone the amount you have paid for next year (preferable with regard to our small structure) or exceptionally (in particular for some students who will not be able to attend next year) refund the checks that have been sent.

Please note this only concerns CECED contributions and participation in the evening, the reimbursement of registration for JFHOD must be made online on the JFHOD website (

Very good weekend

Best regards,

The CECED 2021 office and committee