The Inflammation Research Center (CRI), wishes to promote the emergence of new teams on the theme of Inflammation, Immunology, Imaging, Bioinformatics, and Bio-statistics . As such, it is launching a call for projects to welcome interested young researchers.

The CRI is a mixed research unit labeled INSERM, CNRS, University of Paris. It brings together more than 270 collaborators spread over 12 fundamental and clinical research teams. It is organized into two scientific departments and a Research support department which encompasses all common services – 6 services – and an infrastructure pole – 5 technological platforms and 10 technical platforms – in the fields of imaging, Biochemistry, Animal Pathophysiology, Cytometry, and OMICS.

The Center collaborates with 4 Hospitals (Bichat, Beaujon, Robert Debré and Louis Mourier).

Labeled Laboratory of Excellence (PIA) since 2014, CRI has more than 16M € of own resources and has more than 70 active projects. He is involved in 5 national structuring actions (RHU) and collaborates with more than 19 countries in particular with the ILBS (Institute of Liver Biliary Sciences) located in India with which he initiated a twinning in 2019 through the creation of an LIA. (International Associated Laboratory).

The CRI has more than 70 patents to its credit. Its researchers are behind the creation of 4 start-ups.

The newly recruited group will benefit from state-of-the-art research equipment, adequate laboratory space for 6-7 people and financial support for its installation.

Successful candidates will have to develop a project in line with the interests of the center related to inflammation, and meet the criteria to compete for national and international funding, and for French institutional research positions (INSERM, CNRS, and UNIVERSITY)

Call open from 02/01/2021