The Inflammation Research Center (CRI) has a Mediation, Ethics and Scientific Integrity Committee (CMEIS), an advisory body whose mission is to promote a culture of scientific integrity, to prevent any breach of professional ethics and to resolve any conflict as soon as possible through mediation between the parties.

The CMEIS can be entered at any time by any CRI staff and can also self-enter a question.

These discussions are strictly confidential

Article 1: Purpose of the regulation

The purpose of the internal regulations is to set the operating procedures of the CMEIS of the CRI.

Article 2: Composition of CMEIS

The CMEIS is made up of five members of the CRI who are volunteers and whose appointment is validated by the Center Council. It includes at least one member of the technical staff (BIATSS or ITA) and one researcher, and respects as much as possible gender parity. It equips itself with a coordinator. The duration of his mandate is that of the five-year term of the Center. The list of its members is updated in the event of replacement of one of the members and validated by the Council of the Center.

Article 3: Responsibilities of CMEIS

  • Raise awareness among IRC members in order to prevent breaches of professional ethics and scientific integrity by disseminating all necessary information on the website and by organizing seminars within the IRC.
  • Resolve through mediation any conflict brought to its attention while respecting strict confidentiality. The role of mediation is to promote exchanges and support the protagonists in the search for solutions. CMEIS members in conflict of interest in connection with a referral are excluded from mediation.
  • In the event of a serious conflict or scientific misconduct, the CMEIS, after evaluation and deliberation within it, forwards the file to the appropriate higher body (delegation for scientific integrity (DIS) INSERM, Ethics, Deontology and Scientific Integrity Committee (CEDIS) of the University of Paris, or CNRS ethics committee (COMETS)), and informs the CRI management committee.

Article 4: Any member of the CRI who contacts directly, on his behalf, the tutelary ethics bodies (of the university, the CNRS or of INSERM) or the CRI management on this subject must inform CMEIS.

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