Broken furniture, pallets, boards, scrap metal, nitrogen containers…
It is forbidden to leave them
To be left in the dumpster at -2 (2nd basement)
To be decontaminated (valid for nitrogen containers)


img_verrerieGlass clean broken (from your closet or from the autoclave)
To be put in a box marked “glass”
When the box is full, seal it with tape
To be given to the cleaning staff or taken down to the dumpster of -2 (2nd basement)


=paper, cardboard, polystyrene, food bottles…
To be placed on the landings
Will be taken back by the cleaning company


img_cartouchesInk Cartridges
Remove the packaging (cardboard, plastic, etc.)
Place the cartridges directly in the boxes available in the sinks


img_DechetsequipementsD3E (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)
=laboratory equipment, screens, computers…
prohibition to leave them on the landings


Report any appliances, furniture, etc. to be discarded to technical services at the email address:


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