VPN access service to Inserm networks

Description of the service

The VPN access service allows remote and secure access to one or more computer resources available on the internal INSERM network of a Research Unit, team, or department.

The 4 access offers are:

  • Web VPN: Access to the laboratory’s intranet services, for all department staff.
  • VPN Lab: A group of users accesses authenticated and defined laboratory resources:
    • File server
    • Calculation server
    • Remote office on a dedicated network (the same as the internal laboratory network)
  • VPN Administrator: This offer is reserved for computer scientist profiles who need full access to the laboratory networks and all of its resources, for the purposes of Information System administration. This service is subject to access constraints and should be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the RRI.
  • Specific VPN: This temporary and restricted offer (one year renewable maximum) allows access to authenticated resources defined in the laboratory:
    • To service providers for the administration and maintenance of specific equipment
    • To groups of staff outside the laboratory, who need specific access The feasibility study, on a case-by-case basis, will be carried out by the DRSI in the regions

Associated services


To know more :

The general presentation of the service, the user guides and the general FAQ for accessing the service are available at http://si-pratique.inserm.fr

To benefit from this service

Computers that will be used to remotely establish the VPN connection should be considered secure, and have an up-to-date operating system and antivirus software.

Access to the VPN service is subject to subscription to the offer by the Director of the structure and the user (see forms …)

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Offer subscription procedure:

The VPN access service offers must be subscribed initially by the Director of the structure and then possibly by his representative.

These requests pass for each structure by:

  • An initial request to activate the service, made by the director
  • A nominative request to access one of the service offers. This request, made by the end user, must be validated by the Director or his representative.

Sheet 1: Initial activation form of the VPN service by the Director of the structure

Sheet 2: Nominative registration form for the VPN service


Connection procedure via the Inserm VPN


General conditions of use of the VPN access service to Inserm networks