First, you need to install the TOSHIBA E-STUDIO 3005AC Multi-function Copier on your PC (Windows or Mac), using the following procedures:

Windows (from Windows 7):

You must first download the driver: TOSHIBA Universal Printer2

(If there is a problem with the link above, go to this page and download the latest version of the TOSHIBA e-STUDIO Universal Printer Driver file 2)

  • Then, on your computer, go to settings –> peripherals or devices (printers) -> then add a printer.
  • Click on “I can’t find the printer” or select “manual addition
  • Select “add printer using IP address“,
  • Select TCP/IP as device type,
  • In host name or IP address: enter the number corresponding to the printer on your floor:
    • (3rd: 327-329)
    • 10.93-178.120 (4th: 418)
    • (5th: 546-547)
  • Port name: Name it as you wish or leave it as default
  • You will then have to select the driver. Select the manufacturer Toshiba, then select the printer “TOSHIBA Universal printer 2“.
  • Select next (choose “replace current driver” if prompted)

The printer should be installed. Test with a test print. you will need to enter the department code of your team to validate the printing.


=> To add the department code automatically, follow the procedure by clicking on this link


2) Mac:

Go to “System Preferences”, add a printer, click (+) to add printers, then add a printer by entering the IP address via the network:

  • (3rd: 327-329)
  • 10.93-178.120 (4th: 418)
  • (5th: 546-547)

Then, search for the printer model, and then the ._TOSHIBA_ColorMFP.dmg driver that you need to register

(If the previous driver doesn’t work, try this one: Toshiba_colormfp.dmg.gz)


Select the correct driver (link: Windows, mac …), which you must select, you must make sure to set the printer by clicking on the following PDF link:


* Do not hesitate to ask us the installation CD, if you can not find the right driver.