Order Markets for Computer Hardware, Windows PC and MacOS (Desktop, Laptops, Servers, Workstations):


The selected supplier to the market is: (maj : 01/09/2021)

(change since September 1, 2021, page being modified, procedures and links will be added soon)

  1. HP for desktop and desktop PC market: Contract n ° F171DGE030 – Safir n °: 15364
  2. HP for the Laptop market: Contract n ° F171DGE031 – N ° safir: 15365
  3. DELL for Workstations market: F171DGE032 – Safir number: 15366
  4. HPE for the server PC market: Market F171DGE033 – Safir number: 13367

Do not forget about the eco-contribution that appears in the total just before VAT.


  1. Create an account on the site: https://www.dell-matinfo.fr/Register/LogOn
  2. Consult the catalog, configure it and publish a quote attached to INSERM U1149. Get it in PDF. (update: 16/10/2020)
  3. Enter the order in SAFIR indicating the quote number and choosing the BEZONS site for the DELL supplier.
  4. Send the quote in PDF to commande.u1149@inserm.fr


Matinfo market for laptops and accessories  (maj : 01/09/2020)


Mac OS

The vendor selected for the Mac OS market is: ECONOCOM

  1. Fixed and desktop computers, laptops, servers: – Market n ° F171DGE034 – N ° safir: 15368

You need to create a team account and use it to create quotes, get technical information, a tariff, then make your orders on Safir