To access the Safir software, to place your orders:


Username (uppercase or lowercase, it doesn’t matter): USER NAME
Password: inserm1 (to be modified at the first connection). If you have the message, this password is “DEJA PERIME”. Use letters and numbers, and don’t repeat the same letter or number)


  • Click on home page
  • Click on the achat
  • tab

  • Click on “request out of catalog

The orders outside the catalog are animals, scientific products … etc. Computer products and office supplies can be purchased from a catalog .

All boxes preceded by a blue asterisk must be completed

First column

1) Item type: leave the words “Goods invoiced by quantity”

2) description of the article and packaging: respect the model below and especially indicate your name in brackets.

Example 1: Glacial acetic acid (1 liter). MAPA 5353, offer CRB3 2006 (JCRobert)
Example 2: 100% acetic acid (5 liter container). Supporting evidence (JCRobert)

3) category : indicate the start of the code nomenclature (2013 version: INSERM nomenclature codes ), then click on the torch, and choose the appropriate code.


Second column

4) Contract number : Leave nothing

5) Supplier Name : name (if you know it, enter the first letters of the name), then select.

Check the “ new supplier” box when it is the first time you use it and follow the instructions

6) Supplier article : indicate the product reference here


ADD to cart

SEE the cart and save, then SAVE

You can then leave the cart on hold, to add it to a later cart.

Otherwise to complete your purchase request:

Open saved cart

Select the command line, and click on the order number, return to purchases or

Click on Validation , and you will be able to indicate the source of credit you want to use (project number if own resources) otherwise inform the secretaries- managers of the debit account. By default, the team’s allocation will be debited.

Click on Print : summary of your order

Click on Submit : the order is then validated.


BUT THE NUMBER OF THIS ORDER IS NOT DEFINITIVE, before the buyer (secretary-manager) has approved the order definitively. You therefore cannot give this number to your suppliers.

The management staff is at your disposal for any further information.


Please send all your requests SIMULTANEOUSLY to the following email address: