• New players in the activation of T Lymphocytes

    by Saveanu Loredana

  • A collaborative work of the CRI led by S. Lotersztajn makes the front page of Science Translational Medicine

  • P.E Rautou's team publishes in the prestigious JCI review


  • Du 03 July 2020 au 20 July 2020

    Les e-JFHOD

    Annual congress of the French National society of gastroenterology:  the JFHOD 2020 Following the cancellation of the JFHOD 2020 scheduled from June 25 to 28, 2020, the organizing committee has […]

  • Du 17 November 2020 au 19 November 2020

    Annual congress of the French Society of Immunology (SFI)

    The annual congress of French Society of Immunology will take place this year in Paris, between 17th and 19th of November. The program contains eight plenary sessions covering the diversity […]

    Du 18 March 2021 au 19 March 2021

    38 th meeting of the Club d’Etudes des Epithéliales Digestives (CEDED)

    The 38th annual meeting of the Club d’Etudes des Cellules Epithéliales Digestives (CEDED) which will be held from March 18 to 19, 2021. This club organizes every year a two-day […]


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Latest Publications

  • Publication date : 02 June 2020 More

    New players in the activation of T Lymphocytes Nature Communications

    Autors : Evnouchidou Irini Pascal Chappert Benadda Samira Andres Zucchetti Mirjana Weimershaus Bens Marcelle Caillens Vivien Despoina Koumantou Lotersztajn Sophie Peter van Endert Jean Davoust Guermonprez Pierre Claire Hivroz David A. Gross Saveanu Loredana

  • Publication date : 30 April 2020 More

    Long-term consequences of one anastomosis gastric bypass on esogastric mucosa in a preclinical rat model Scientific Reports

    Autors : Matthieu Siebert Ribeiro-Parenti Lara Nicholas D. Nguyen Muriel Hourseau Belinda Duchêne Lydie Humbert Nicolas Jonckheere Grégory Nuel Jean-Marc Chevallier Henri Duboc Dominique Rainteau Simon Msika Nathalie Kapel Anne Couvelard Bado André Le Gall Maude

  • Publication date : 10 April 2020 More

    Immune-checkpoint inhibitor anti-PD1 aggravates colitis-associated colorectal cancer without enhancing intestinal inflammation Integrative Cancer Science and Therapeutics

    Autors : Collard Maxime Guedj Nathalie Tourneur-Marsille Julien ALBUQUERQUE Miguel Maggiori Leon Hammel Pascal Treton Xavier Panis Yves Ogier-Denis Eric